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Direct Grants to Patients

A key principal by which The Regenerative Outcomes Foundation fulfills a vital part of its mission is social justice.


Accordingly, we believe in and support just access to emerging cell therapies for patients suffering from serious or debilitating conditions. That is why unique grant fund is necessary.

When funding is achieved, the fund will dispense direct cash grants to qualified patients enrolled in, or seeking treatments resulting from U.S. FDA Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) clinical trials, made possible under provisions in the 21st Century Cures Act. Based upon simple requirements, grants will be offered to help patients pay for travel, food, lodging and other related expenses necessary for participation in a clinical trial.


The Regenerative Outcomes Foundation’s P.A.C.T. Fund reflects both our promise to help patients receive individual validation and support in accessing opportunities for regenerative health, and our commitment to promoting advancement of regenerative medicine advance.


*Help us reach our goal to begin taking applications for direct patient grants by January 1, 2019!  Call us today at (615)873-0277 to learn more!

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