Our Advisory Board members represent top minds and experiences in the regenerative medicine field. Each valued member brings vital role knowledge and creativity to the unique tasks currently at hand, and relevant strategies for the future. They range from global leaders to local community experts in the areas of tissue regeneration, advocacy, education, bioethics, politics, media basic research, translational and clinical practice, theology, nursing, business, big data, national health policy, regulatory process, and law.

Advisory Board Members

Anthony Atala, MD
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Julie Allickson, Ph.D.
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Director, Translational Research
Jane Andrwes, Ph.D.
BioBridge Global
Strategic Marketing
Dan Bagley, MS
Lattice Technologies, LLC
Chief Scientist
Kapil Bharti, Ph.D.
National Eye Institute
Stadtbahn Investigator,
Unit on Ocular Stem Cell & Translational Research
James Clarke
IWEUS Capital
Diego Correa, MD, MSc, Ph.D.
University of Miami
Miller School of Medicine
Assistant Professor Of Research
J. David Dark, Ph.D.
Belmont University College of Theology And Christian Ministry
Assistant Professor
Paolo De Coppi, MD
University of Padua, Italy
Head, Stem Cells/Regenerative Medicine
UCL Institute of Child Health, London
Professor of Pediatric Surgery
John Robert Dunlap, JD
Apperson Crump, PLC
Amy Eskind, BA
People, Life, Huffington Post, NY Times, LA Times
Freelance Journalist
Keith Hagan, MD
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Interprofessional Learning
Trevor Henderson
Nashville Public Health Department
Community Liaison
Cade Hildreth, President and CEO, BioInf
Waymon Hinson, Ph.D.
Chickasaw Nation Medical Center
Clinical Psychologist
Dharmatej Inaganti
Data Architect
Jim Jeffries
Former Senior Director, Executive Communications for Microsoft cofounder and philanthropist Paul G.
Allen and CEO Bill Hilf.
Rev. Ryan Jolley, BA
State of Tennessee
Vocational Rehabilitation Director of Business Services
Kyle Killian, Ph.D.
Capella University
and Simmons College
Marriage and Family Therapy
Barbara Krutchkoff, Ph.D.
Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine
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